Spirit Friend Doll as Healing Tool

I made my first doll as the result of a deeply transformational soul retrieval. I worked with Nikki Hainstock, a shaman I trust and admire. (Much more on her soon…)

After I made my doll, I felt certain there were more waiting to be “born” and I had such a wonderful time facilitating their creation. But, I still didn’t know exactly what they were for.

I like to wear one around my neck sometimes. I like it to hang mid-chest so that I can hold it gently when I want to or when I feel I need some support. For me, it can be great to reduce my anxiety in the moment.  They are kind of heavy to consider average jewelry however.

People seem drawn to them but I still wasn’t sure how to best present them to share.

I was surprised recently when I was inspired to bring quite a few of them along with me for a weekend at the beach. I thought maybe they needed some fresh air. Or at the very least, they could play with me and my 4 year old.

Then I talked to a good friend who’d just had surgery and was in a lot of pain. I wished I was still in town and could go to her side, but I couldn’t. So, I said I’d like to try and do a long distance healing on her. I don’t do this professionally at this point and don’t feel totally confident about it. But, with someone I trust, I knew I could allow myself the freedom to open to my healing energies. And at the very least, I knew I could send her deeply loving energy and that’s always worthwhile.

It was that moment that I knew why I’d brought all my Spirit Friends! I would use one to help me tune in and focus on her. I ended up using my very first doll. This is one with legs and in this case it was best. I was surprised to find myself drawn to working on her legs for a long time. Surprised because her operation was in her abdomen and I assumed that was where I’d be most of the time.

For me, it was a wonderful experience and I look forward to discovering more about this method. It’s possible the doll did nothing more than help me stay focused. But I can also envision selecting a doll with different stones¬†and different crystal energies to help out with a different healing .

I can’t wait to try it again.

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