Gem Waters, Amethyst

I finally started experimenting with making gem waters/crystal elixirs. I’ve been wanting to do it for so long, but kept waiting because I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted to be a perfectly cleansed and purified vessel and to make them in a dedicated perfect enviornment. Well waiting for that got me exactly no where.

So, instead I put some faith into the purity of the crystals and my focused intention and just dove in. I’d say my first try was promising.

And I would encourage anyone to try it. I used the book Gem Water: How to Prepare and Use Over 130 Crystal Waters for Therapeutic Treatments. I love this book and really trust the authors. I pondered which method to use for the longest time too. I spent time looking on the internet for glass test tubes. I quickly ruled out any methods where the stones come in contact with the water. For me, there’s just too much to worry about and from what I read and understand it isn’t necessary to get a good, powerful result.

I started by finding a good quartz wand to transmit the Amethyst energy into the water. I looked for one that was mostly clear. Personally, I like the ones with lots of fractures and even inclusions, but for this purpose it seems the best choice is less extra information. Since I was only using a big glass and not a pitcher, I chose a wand that’s about 7″ long. Then for the actual stone to make the elixir… I chose this little amethyst point because it had a lot of vitality and deep color.

The next step was cleansing the crystals. I ran them under cold water while visualizing any old or stagnant energy flowing down the drain. I connected with them as I did it and conveyed my intention to create a healing water. I also like to convey gratitude to the crystals. I love them so much and am so happy to have them with me.

I feel very confident with this method of cleansing crystals. I have never had a need to do anything drastic to feel like they were clear and fine. They sure do wake up when you do it too. And after, I just took them outside in the sunshine and left them there to dry.

I retrieved them after about 20 minutes. I don’t think it’s necessary to leave them in the sun, but it felt right to me in that moment. The book says to leave them sitting on an amethyst geode/cluster which is certainly a great idea. I didn’t do that.

Then I set them up (as in photo above) and that was it. Yahoo. How easy is that? I aimed the amethyst point toward the glass too. The book didn’t specify, but it seemed best to me.

I tried the water after about 15 minutes. According to the book, using this method, the water will be activated after 15 minutes and very intense after 2 hours.

I took a little sip and gave one to my husband. He’s my grounding tester. He isn’t quite as sensitive to crystals as I am and also isn’t so easily carried away by flights of fancy. He is able to tune in and has a very deep connection with crystals though, so I really like to hear what he feels.

I wasn’t sure if I was feeling something simply because I was taking a sip of water and focusing on how my body and energy responded. Which is not something I normally do, of course. But, after a couple of days the water did nothing, felt like nothing and carried no energy I could discern. Therefore, I feel my original sensations are validated.

Next time I will “fix” the vibration with Vodka or Brandy and make a prober Mother Tincture to use. Details on that to come.

Here are my initial observations of Amethyst water:
first sip after 15 minutes.
I felt pleasantly light headed with a slight energy buzz all over, mostly in my chest.
Then, about 30 m. later, I feel warm to surface of my skin and slight headache.

After two hours:
I spritzed my neck, top of head and slightly in face.
I felt instant energy. Intense and felt like pressure.
I really felt it in my teeth oddly enough.
Also got a headache.
Don’t know.

My conclusions from this first test are that I did indeed make an Amethyst activated water. The energy was very intense and for me personally drinking it or spraying freely was too intense after a couple of hours of charging. I’ll do another test and try some more subtle methods of use.

Does anyone else want to try? Let me know what happens if you do. It’s really pretty simple and straightforward.

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  1. kk
    June 2, 2011 | 11:30 pm

    great! this is on my fun things to do this summer list. thanks for the insightful directions and being the pioneer. can’t wait!

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