Meet Smokey Phantom

This beautiful Smokey Phantom Quartz Crystal is one of my favorites. That’s why I decided to start my rock profiles with it.

The multiple phantoms are very clearly delineated and well shaped. The other mineral inclusions create wonderful planes, curves and inner architecture. There are also quite a few rainbows that I didn’t capture in the photos. Every side you look at it from will reveal another rainbow to you.

One of my very best crystal friends is a Smokey Phantom point that I’ve had for over 25 years. I’ve always felt that it’s grounding and protecting me. I’ve also found it to be a great ally in the dream-time.

The phantom layers are formed when the crystal stops growing at some point, mineral dust settles on it and then it continues to grow. To me, phantoms are particularly powerful and inspire me to take chances and believe in my innermost self to guide me. Phantom quartz also speaks to me of other worlds/realms, levels of reality as well as being a conduit to past and future lives and information.

Melody/Love is in the Earth says, ” (Smokey quartz) can be used to gently dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages. …It can also help with mind balance, energy balance and attuning the energies required for spiritual development.”

This is also a Channeling crystal, with a seven sided face opposite a 3 sided. Melody says, “channeling crystals can be used to access the wisdom from “within and without”. They can be used to bring forth light and love from the most truthful and knowledgeable portions of the self. ”

Regarding the rainbow crystals, Melody says, “they help one to deal with negativity and to maintain the constant awareness that love is within the life one experiences at every moment.”

And also, “Phantom quartz has experienced numerous lifetimes of learning and ‘being’…  The crystal symbolizes universal awareness.”
And the smokey phantom quartz “retain the additional quality which allows past life information to be brought forth in an atmosphere of stability…”

There is so much more information in books on crystal and mineral metaphysical meanings. I shared just a bit here, but if you’re interested you might want to read more. I like many of them, but if you’re only getting one, I’d start with Love is in the Earth by Melody. She shares so much information and direction about how to use crystals that you’ll certainly be satisfied.

My personal philosophy has always been that you don’t need to know anything about a crystal other than how it makes you feel. Regardless of what the books say, your intuition, your “gut” knows more. And each crystal will inform you just what it’s for, “who” it is, and how you can use it.

Update: This one has found a home! (…is sold)
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  1. jolie foley
    April 7, 2011 | 8:43 am

    I just decided I MUST purchase this baby!! please consider it sold.. I will pay pal, or personally deliver cash to you! Thank you for introducing me to my new love…Smokey Phantom.. If only I’d known of him sooner…:) muah! love you!!!

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