Some Creation Notes…

I’m really happy to have finally found a basic Spirit Friend Doll design.

As you can see, they will always be one of a kind, but now I know how to make a similar size and shape.

It’s helping me to relax and allow the stones to speak to me more.

I’m still on the never-ending quest for more perfect stones. The holes need to be big enough to allow me to use a nice heavy guage wire so that they’ll be solid.

I also love the way this photo came out of my husband holding one. He holds his quite a lot of the time when he’s reading or working on the computer.

I find they fit nicely in my hand this way too.

I want to make a little video to show the movement of the stones. They have a loose-ness and spin a bit. I worried about it at first, but it seems to make them feel more fluid and “alive”.

This one has a fire agate lower body, quartz sphere chest and golden rutilated quartz head. The golden rutile in the head is very intense and pronounced. I love it. The arms are labradorite, golden rutilated, amethyst and red tiger eye. Of course the wire is sterling silver.

Another fire agate body with red rutilated quartz chest and quartz head. Amethyst, rose quartz and pink tourmaline arms. This one has a very gentle energy and softness to my senses.

Quartz body, blue fluorite heart chest, quartz head. I love this fluorite heart. This coloration isn’t so common and it feels absolutely, deeply delicious to me. Her arms are amethyst, turquoise and pink tourmaline.

Fire agate body, rutilated quartz chest, rutilated quartz head. Fluorite, amethyst and apatite arms. This one is actually mine. I made it to be my “diet buddy”. I attached it to a cord and wear it around my neck sometimes. Then when I’m sitting at my desk I hold it on and off. It seems to comfort me and help.

It’s kind of funny because in this shot, my husband noticed that it looks like a body builder in a pose. Head to the side…. I can see it too. Can you?

This one is a nature spirit to me. The body, chest and head are quartz and rutilated quartz. With labradorite, green quartz and golden rutilated quartz arms.


2 Responses to Some Creation Notes…
  1. Ann-Marie Graham
    March 18, 2011 | 10:34 pm

    They’re gorgeous Teresa.

  2. Stephen
    March 18, 2011 | 11:08 pm

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I’m so glad to finally see these up and out there! They look great.

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